How is it all done... offers a unique way of living that combines thoughtful design, style purity and uncompromising material quality. are charming houses you just choose and then move right in. You don't have to follow it; it comes wherever you decide. A pleasant space with minimal energy requirements, it'll hook you immediately. Once you enter, you'll understand. Maybe you'll start to live a little differently, more VIVID. is not just a house, it's a lifestyle.

FOUNDATIONS from Krinner

Insulation and gutters

The roof is elegantly bounded with an anthracite rim from a plastic-coated metal sheet. Thanks to the ingenious gradient of the roof, rainwater drains through the spooter on the shorter wall of the house.

Wooden design facade

The facade is our pride. We offer two beautiful options of wooden facade from Nordic larch, which easily resists any climatic conditions. Or for a small addition on price you can have what you like most, such as, Hardies Weatherboard, Bricks or Blocks, Timber or Rock...

Space for accessories

For your mailbox, house number and everything you want. We’ve added an upper light and practical socket for your comfort in case you need to work outside the house.

Sliding door

We think about you and thus we use prominent double-glazed windows and magnificent sliding HS portals from wood. You will appreciate this long-lasting functionality without problems and worries yourself.


Connecting houses is very simple. Water and power supply and gutter or septic tank are ideal. Our assembly expert will connect all plugs and connections to the inner manifolds on the spot.


We will place your house on stainless-steel Krinner ground screws. They are 2m long and we will prepare twelve of them for perfect stability. House made of more connected modules could be placed on the concrete strip foundations as well.

Adjusting the land

Before house is set down, we’ll prepare a bed of pebbles or other aggregate. Special foil will obstruct weeds from growing.

Supporting Structure

The skeleton of house is made completely out of steel. Individual features are connected with cogs with a patented Swiss system.

Heating system

Heating houses is thanks to its great insulation and is unbelievably economical. We offer two options. Convection heaters or electric infraheating panels, which won’t take any space as they can be placed on the ceiling.


Choose your own decor of a quality and resistant vinyl floor. If you prefer wood, we can offer you a wooden pleated floor, depending on your needs and wishes.


Each house has a fully equipped bathroom with toilet, floors selected by you, basic lights, heating, wall sockets and switches. Entrance and interior doors are a matter of course. You can live in IT straight away.


We’ve developed our own furniture range for It is ideally designed for individual modules and makes use of the whole space perfectly. You select the configuration of the furniture including colour and material yourself. If you decide for a special design, our designer will fulfil your dreams.

Wall Structure

Wall system

The walls of house breathe. They are constructed as diffusely open, insulated with a wood-fibre insulation and sheathed with desks. The value of the heat output by the wall is 0.28 W/m2.K.

  1. Wooden facade cladding from Nordic larch (or Hardies, Weatherboard, Bricks or Blocks...
  2. Breathable Waterproof membrane and Ventilated space (gap) and wood-fiber board insulation
  3. RockWool 75-80 mm panels from Breathable corrugated sheets with unique technology of ventilation
  4. Gib smooth finish
  5. Iron framework from profiles, earthquake Certified for up to 8.00 grade on Richter Magnitude scale

Double-surface flat roof

House roof is aired and properly insulated. We use a big layer of a wood-fiber heat insulation.

Fire Prevention and Sensor

House construction is perfectly resistant to fire. So as you feel secure, we’ve added a fire sensor. It will alert you in case of a fire.

Quality Roofing

We choose the best quality for It’s roofing perfectly resists weather conditions thanks to the Swiss coated insulation SikaRoof. Protective UV stabilizing coating prolongs the lifecycle up to 70 years.

6 reasons

6 reasons for is no ordinary house. If you decide on one, it'll become your new lifestyle. You'll fall in love with it at first glance. Here are 6 reasons it's the right choice for you:


Everything is conceived and designed so perfectly in that you can not only live comfortably but also economically. We didn’t skimp on ideals, materials or production, saving you both energy usage and costs.

Ready in 3 months

This is possibly the greatest allurement of Imagine: you choose the type of house that suits you best. You select the fittings and furnishings and, without any worry about workmen, without a single day of cleaning up after masons, decorators or plumbers, we’ll make your new, high quality house in 3 months.

Smartly used

Traditional houses and flats are often full of unused space. Our houses are absolute favourites for their practical use of every corner. You’ll be astonished how spacious it is in reality and how much storage space you’ll find in it.


You don’t have to worry at all! We didn’t skimp on materials or production quality. is not a caravan, which you dump in a scrapyard one day. On the contrary, this house is a reliable member of your family and durable for at least 70 years, the same as any masonry or timber construction.

Expandable lives and grows with you. When an orthodox single person becomes a family type, or if you decide to have a home office, you can just expand your house. You simply choose another module which will become a natural part of your original house.


Mobility is yet another allurement which an ordinary house lacks. Your ready-made house arrives to your designated location. And if you decide in a few years to replace the buzz of the city for a peaceful place in the mountains, your beloved house will come with you.