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The size of your house is purely your choice. Whether you are single, a married couple, a young family or you long for a quiet place with your partner or for yourself, you will be able to choose. We are thinking of you all. Select the model that best suits your current needs and requirements. No problem if you change your lifestyle in the future. You can expand your house with another suitable module.

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Sizes and prices

Select the model that best suits your current needs and requirements. No problem if you change your lifestyle in the future. You can expand your house with another suitable module.

VVD Home One

The smallest model available; it is an ideal type for a thoughtful boy or an independent girl. If you prefer privacy and peace, you will be delighted.

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VVD Home Two

A prototype and the most classic model of it is a beautiful, clean and comfortable living space for a couple, our first 57sqm.

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VVD Home Three

A bigger model, which offers all the beauty and advantages of the VVD Home One and Two. It brings the perfect background with the full comfort for the future family.

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VVD Home Four

The most popular model for a family with children; it is an ingenious interior of 114sqm which will win you over by its practicality and the sheer amount of incorporated storage places.

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VVD Home Five

A well refined storeyed model of the, with 74sqm of the living area, will fascinate you from the first sight.

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VVD Home Six

The thirt biggest model is a coherent and perfect alternative to a classic family house. You'll get a comfortable and spacious house for a bigger.

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Choose according to your needs

3 levels of fittings and furnishings offers you not only a wide scale of shape and size options; we've also prepared a variety of fittings and furnishings. You can choose based on your ideas or depending on your financial possibilities. We respect every customer and we will be more than happy to give you advice.


If you select the CLASSIC, we will bring you a house that is completely functional and immediately ready to use. You'll find a fully equipped bathroom with toilet in the CLASSIC house. Your selected floors, basic lights, wall sockets and switches, entrance and interior doors are all perfectly rendered. And all that in a freshly decorated house with the redolence of recency.

UNIVERSAL, with its optional home furnishings, is an ideal and affordable solution for anyone. Besides the CLASSIC furnishings, we add a practical kitchen complete with appliances. We offer a kitchen in 2 sizes and 5 different colours. We'll equip your house with the branded storage, ingeniously designed and with the emphasis on quality production and practicality. You'll be amazed how much space, which is usually not used, can become resourceful storage areas. You can also choose your type of relaxation zone, in which we can arrange a couch or an escritoire at your request.


We respect your wishes. That's how we'd summarize the most luxurious choice of fittings and furnishings offers. So, how does it work? You share your ideas about the furnishing, layout and configuration of the interior with our architect, who designs your home to perfectly fit your concept. You can discuss the kitchen, the bathroom, all the wall linings, appliances, lights, doors... simply any important details, which we implement based on the approved design. Then you need only cut the ribbon to go and make a coffee in your new kitchen.